Since ancient times, jade has been used as a traditional Chinese beauty treatment for stimulating hair growth, enhancing circulation, and relaxing the scalp. However, there is no scientific evidence supporting its efficacy in these areas.

What are Hade Combs?

Jade-comb therapy is related to gua sha massage, an ancient Chinese medicine practice that focuses on sloughing the body to promote circulation and healing and relieve pain by targeting muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The Cleveland Clinic says that gua sha is typically used to treat various conditions.

According to Charm City Integrative Health owner Tom Ingegno, jade combing can stimulate the scalp. It involves using a jade comb to massage the scalp to increase blood flow, which proponents believe promotes hair growth.

Health Benefits and Are They Legit?

Jade combing has been promoted as a treatment for thinning hair, but no scientific evidence supports this claim. Michele Green, MD of New York City’s Raffa Institute for Aesthetic Dermatology, says that jade combing is typically used as a purely cosmetic item and offers no known legitimate benefits.

In 2016, Japanese researchers published a 24-week study in the European Journal of Plastic Surgery involving nine men who used jade-comb scalp massages and found increased hair thickness. Future research is warranted.

Is it Recommended?

There is no scientific evidence that the jade comb can improve one’s health, but anecdotal reports suggest that it does. You may find value in using a jade comb as part of your self-care routine, even if you experience little or no change. After all, it makes a beautiful decoration.

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