The Health Council of Canada is no longer operating.
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Le Conseil canadien de la santé n'est plus en service.
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Strategic Plan & Bylaw

In 2011, eight years into our mandate, we released Strategic Directions 2011, a five-year plan that sets us on a path towards a future where public reporting on progress leads to a health care system that better serves the Canadian public.

The basis of our plan is our four strategic priorities: Informing, Communicating, Collaborating, and Having Impact.

The Health Council of Canada's role is to let Canadians and their governments know how progress towards the vision laid out in the health accords is coming along, to better enable decision-making at all levels. Our voice is unique in its independence, and its pan-Canadian perspective on health care reform.

More and more, our focus is on identifying best practices and innovation, so that health care planners, providers, administrators, and the public know where progress is being made, and how.

On April 8, 2013, the federal Minister of Health wrote a letter to the Health Council of Canada’s Corporate Members to inform them that, as part of the deliberations on the 2013 federal budget, the government decided to wind down funding for the Council. In light of this announcement, the Health Council will operate as usual for the 2013-14 fiscal year and will wrap-up its operations early in 2014-15.



Strategic Plan & Bylaw
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